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My passion for film music is equaled by my passion for film, and in every project that I embark on I strive to write music that is emotionally engaging and which ultimately serves the filmmaker's vision.

By leveraging my experience across multiple genres in feature film, short film, musical feature film, documentary, commercial, and trailer I will create a score that is enormously effective and unique for your production.

My service offers a suite of skills including composition, orchestration/arrangement, creation of conductor's score instrumentalist parts, creating/compiling materials/files for the recording session, and budgeting, and I am highly skilled in arranging for any size ensemble across a multitude of instruments.

I have been awarded a Master of Fine Arts in Professional Composition with Distinction from the University of Chichester.


​"Doug fulfilled my expectations and then some by delivering a score that had beautiful variation but also managed to remain tonally consistent and true to the subject matter"

Mark Towers (Director of "The Alpha Invention")


"Doug has a wonderful ability to interpret my ideas and his music enhanced my films both in terms of setting moods and adding another textural layer to the visuals. Like all of the best film practitioners Doug is a great collaborator and confident enough in his own abilities, he is open to ideas as well as being wonderfully inventive himself, often introducing elements that I would never have though of - the real secret to any successful adventure"

Barry Bliss (Director of "Art Is..." and "Godard and Others")





The Alpha Invention - Trailer
The Escort - Trailer
Pianist In A Brothel - Teaser Trailer


Antique Piano


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